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Life of a Lifer

“Life of A Lifer” podcast hosted by Designed Conviction founder, Taylor Tom, in conjunction with guest interviewers like Salty Candace, and other guest interviewers. Taylor Tom Conley is serving a life without the possibility of parole sentences and opens his life up to give a unique perspective, one you may not hear about in the media. The human perspective, not only from him, but he invites others to share their stories and experiences. This captivating and intriguing dialogue is sure to leave you with questions, so feel free to question and or comment. Taylor Tom, the author of “The Convicted Entrepreneur” and songwriter who wrote “So Cold” and “Walk the Line” by Designed Conviction featuring Caleb Twidwell.

This podcast tells the world about what happens to those serving long terms in prison, about those serving life sentences without parole, how they got there, what they are doing in there and what motivates them to keep on living for a better tomorrow. “Life of a Lifer” talks of all these and a lot more information about inmates and ex-felons.

It is a show that gives the incarcerated a chance to show the world what they are doing with their lives. A chance to prove that they have rehabilitated and deserve another shot in life. “Life of a Lifer” also lets ex-felons tell the world about how they are adapting to life outside the walls. The episodes strive to bring out what those serving long sentences, life sentences and ex-felons feel about life in general. What they feel should be done to ensure the intended rehabilitation and what they do at a personal level to achieve reforms on their lives. These talks give a clear picture of proof that rehabilitation is possible and is happening, and these lifers and other inmates serving long sentences surely deserve another shot to make a living and take part in national development by using their skills and knowledge to directly better the societies they live in.

The show points out the shortcomings in the society and government systems that contribute to the growing numbers of people in prisons and why some get out of prison just to find themselves going back in after a short while. It gives possible solutions that could be implemented at various levels to ensure that prisons are no longer punishment centers as they are currently, but centers of character rehabilitation. Some of these solutions are things that some inmates and ex-felons are already doing and all they need is just support from the general public.

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