Can You Buy Happiness? (How Mega Wealth Affects Mental Health) The Legacy of Dave’s Killer Bread.

“I became a millionaire and then I had a mental breakdown, it was art that brought me back. Art was my saving grace.” Dave Dahl.

Dave Dahl of Dave's Killer Bread

It’s true what they say, money doesn’t solve all your problems, it usually creates new ones. Dave Dahl wasn’t ready for the extreme success he attained after creating the Dave’s Killer Bread legacy.

Fast-forward eight years into the success of his family’s bakery. The multi-millionaire was suffering from stress.  Drinking had become a way for him to cope. It was all too much and caused him to have a mental breakdown in 2013.

But in life sometimes you need to break down to build yourself back up. That is what Dave has done. It was art that brought him back to a healthy and happy state of being and what helps him cope today.

During this interview, Dave details his passion for collecting ceremonial tribal art. Each piece unique and enriched with history. This has helped him through rough times.

Learn how he was introduced to art in prison and how it changed his mindset, paving his way to millions.

So, can happiness be bought? Perhaps. If it comes in the form of art. Music. Or anything that resonates with your soul, and sparks joy. (In my case it’s a turkey sandwich on Dave’s Good Seed bread.) Money doesn’t equal happiness. Happiness comes from within.

To hear more about Dave’s path to happiness, listen to the full interview on Life of a Lifer with Taylor Conley. It’s never too late for a second chance.

Dave’s Killer Bread is no longer owned by Dave’s family, his legacy lives on. Especially in the hearts of the ex-convicts that make up the Dave’s Killer Bread staff. The company continues to change the stigma of hiring those with a criminal record.  

Dave’s an amazing example of why inmates deserve a second chance. How people can change and why a person’s past doesn’t define their future.

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