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Life of a Lifer - Lizzie Kommes

Hello and welcome friends and family. How are you doing today? Today's a good day and this is actually the start of a new season and with new seasons comes new adventures. We've got all kinds of things going on around here at Design Conviction and Life of a Lifer. Designed Conviction is the company that supports the Life of a Lifer.

I just want to let you know that I appreciate everybody who's out there supporting us, supporting this movement. We're speaking the truth we're coming from a place of hardship, going through crucibles inside a prison, that's why it's called Life of a Lifer.

I'm doing life without the possibility of parole, I'm sharing with you because I feel like I have a story to tell. I've got a message to send that people aren't to be locked up with the key thrown out and never to be heard from again.

There are over 2.5 million people across America that are incarcerated, and the numbers are just rising and there's no solution. So that's what we're doing here at Designed Conviction, we are coming up with a solution, and the solution is to do something proactive to work on rehabilitation. I believe that art changes lives, that is the model I believe in. I believe it because it changed my life. I've been a storyteller, a songwriter, and a poet since I was a kid. I have been through some very difficult situations, as we have talked about in previous podcasts. I'm getting more into telling that story because I'm actually writing a book, a book that talks about me and what I've been through.

If you can find Freedom within art, you can find Freedom within life. I believe anybody can do that no matter where they are. Just look at me, I'm locked up for the rest of my life and I've been able to find freedom and happiness within here. Along my journey, I was able to cultivate my craft of Art and make it into an album.

On another note, check out my boy Seth Anthony, I did an interview with him last week. This dude is something else and I really appreciate him. He's a real dude and he's been through struggles. He understands what it's like and he recognizes what we're doing here, he supports the movement so much, not only did he agree to do some songs with me but also agreed to wear some gear that we sent him and post about it. Right now he's down in Nashville Tennessee shooting a new music video with Struggle Jennings called Bleeding Blue, which will be on his album 20/20 vision coming out soon.

I'd like to introduce to you my next interview, Lizzie Kommes, she was on the show Love after Lockup. The way she was portrayed there, was with a lot of drama, but when I sat down to talk with her, I saw a different side of Lizzie.

Lizzie is a person who has struggled and persevered through addiction, and we all know addiction is a powerful thing. Lizzie is a perfect example of somebody who is able to change their mindset. She's doing great things and is being a positive role model.

So let's get Lizzie on the air.

Taylor: Lizzie, hey are you there?

Lizzie: Yes, I am here. How are you?

Taylor: I'm doing wonderful. After the Love after Lockup show, I would just like to sit down with you and talk about, you know, what's happened since then. What's your journey been like? What are some of the things you've been going through?

Lizzie: Well after the TV shows I was on, Love after Lockup and Life after Lockup, um, I actually have a real job. I used to be a stripper, so I never actually had a normal job. I've been working at a factory driving a forklift. I also go to school full time. I'm going for my drug and alcohol counselor degree. I have two more semesters left and I will have my AA degree. I also have my own website. I just launched like two weeks ago. It's www.lizziekommes.com

Taylor: What kind of stuff do you have on your website?

Lizzie: Well, there was a famous catchphrase on the TV show, the guy that was my boyfriend was yelling at me. I was out of this prison for like 5, maybe 10 hours. And he was arguing with me. And then so I, cause I don't swear anymore, I was like, all frustrated. I didn't know what to do. So I was like, “It's all in your head.” Right? And I like stormed off and it was a big scene on TV. So people started saying that! Like when girls get mad at their boyfriends, they're like “ It’s all in your head!” So I made a catchphrase, pretty cool right?

Taylor: Here's the thing though, I'm just getting to know you because I have really actually no clue about the TV show. I don't have access to that in here, but it's cool though that you are turning that into something. Do you have any designs and stuff that go with it?

Lizzie: It's the catch phrase with a little heart over the I and stuff. It’s all on my website and so it's just that I used to hustle in a different way when I was in prison, getting tricks and everything, but now I have a legit hustle.

Taylor: That is something I promote to people, you can go and do all this and all that, and then up doing all this time in prison, or you can just take that same skill set and apply it to something legit that's cool as f***, while at the same time you're able to make money and you can make way more money, tons more money than doing something illegal…

Listen to the rest of this exciting interview by tuning into our podcast. Life of a Lifer - Lizzie Kommes.

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