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Seth Anthony - Episode Transcription

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You have a collect call from Taylor, an inmate at the Washington Correctional Center. To accept the call press 5.

Taylor Conley: [00:00:32] There's nothing like waking up to the sound of clacking and buzzing as the door's crack open in the morning after count clears, waking up to the reality of life in prison. For some, it's just a stop along their journey, a mile post, an experience. For others, it is a revolving door, in and out, in and out. And that's their way of life, stuck in the cycle, pulling and eating away at them. And then for some it becomes their destination as the hammer came down and that judge issued him a death sentence, the slow way, by way of life in prison... This is the Life of a Lifer, by Taylor Conley.

Hello friends and family. Welcome and thank you for joining us today. Today we got an exciting program. I'm really, I'm really stoked about this today, I'm going to be interviewing singer and rapper Seth Anthony, a man who has been able to overcome the odds and take it adversity and whip it's ass, man.

So it's a continuous struggle and an uphill battle, this man won't stop. He's not going to stop. He's gonna get it, and he's getting there. He's grinding and he's making it happen. He's an example. He's an example of what change really is about, and change is a state of mind, and I wrote about this in my book called the convicted entrepreneur.

He's taking the discipline he gained through years and years of doing time and transformed that into a career. He's taken this huge negative and made it into an even bigger positive. What I like most about this dude is how humble he is and yet he's got such a confident style, and swag and he's unwilling to sell out.

He keeps it one hundred thousand, keeps it all the way real I can't do anything but respect this man, and that's why I support everything he's doing. You'll see Seth on the cover of the next issue of Inside Designed Conviction, the Magazine, which is coming out in late January. Really excited about that too, and you'll get more of the full story of his journey along the way.

You know, also coming out later on in January, towards the end of January is the Free Taylor Project album. And that's an album that I did together with my, my good friend and, and my brother Caleb Twidwell, we wrote these songs inside a prison over five years ago while we were serving time together, and he's since gotten out and been able to really take his music and take what he's done and though he's had a lot of struggles along the way, he's such a talented guy and I really am appreciative and happy to be able to, though we butted heads along the way and things haven't been easy and perfect. And you know, there's, there's plenty of different, different triumph or struggles that we've had to triumph over and been able to overcome these things and put together this, this album that we created with, you know, with guitar and just being able to sit down and really write, coming from a perspective of somebody doing life in prison, and there's also some, some nice feel good songs on there. Anyways, and I also added an additional song that I wrote called walk the line, uh, which Caleb is doing some rapping on that as well. We made this journey happen. We've released the two singles already Walk the Line and So Cold, which you can find out right now, and those will also be on the Free Taylor Project. Uh, we put this album out on our independent label, or we put these songs out on our independent label, Designed Conviction Entertainment, which this album is going to be the first album that we drop off of there and we'll see what happens with that.

Man, we just, we really want to do something that is coming from inside, and get it out there so people can really see that there's a lot of talents locked away inside these walls and fences. But I want, on a different note, I want to take a moment and talk about something that, that has me sad right now. I've got a little bit of bad news and, and that is, it's a program that I've been doing for, you know, about the last year and a half or something like that. And it got put on hold. The Toastmasters program. I've talked about it before, but Toastmasters is something that has really helped me to learn how to communicate and articulate myself better. It's such a positive outlet and given me the tools to be able to communicate with words instead of other ways of communication such as, you know, lashing out in anger or, getting upset about everything. To be able to just sit back and be able to communicate and learn these positive leadership skills, which I had, but this has been able to cultivate those things.

So it is unfortunate, and I'm, I'm truly saddened that our sponsors have had to step back. You know, they, they have health issues and, and personal reasons, so they're not able to come anymore. So I'm really bummed out about that. And until we can find new sponsors to come in and, and help us to be able to make sure that this program continues to grow, uh, we're not going to be able to do it. I love the environment that Toastmasters creates. That's what's the coolest thing about it. It's a space where you're able to really kind of just get away from everything else that goes on in prison and, and have the, the curriculum that you follow throughout, and it just really cultivates and helps you to develop these skills that help us to grow as people and express ourselves in a constructive way.

Like I said, man, being able to communicate is such an important thing in life, especially in this environment, and I cherish that and I hope that we're able to find some new sponsors soon. I mean, if you're listening, and you're interested in this, and you, and you're around the Olympia, Aberdeen area in Washington state, and you have anything to do with Toastmasters or you're were even interested by it, and you want to get involved in it, you know, feel free to reach out to us and we can try to put you in touch with the right people to make that happen because man, this is something that really does change lives. Uh, I've seen hardened thugs come into Toastmasters and within a couple of months begin to change their perspective. It's all about the perspective on the way you look at things. And it's such a cool thing to see that, you know, there's even a club out there on the streets that it's called the Inside Out Toastmasters, which consists of men and women who were formerly incarcerated, as well as advocates who advocate for the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated to help with reintegrating back into society.

And this program is continuing to help them on their journey as they get out of prison. So it's a great support system and having the clubs available in prison and then being able to transition out there for other people to get involved with it. And the Toastmasters organization is huge. So, I mean, it's the best program I've ever been a part of in here and had the opportunity to experience.

I'm actually the president of one of our clubs here where I'm at right now. Uh, a gavel club, which we are working on getting chartered. And what it means to be in a charter club is to be recognized by Toastmasters international. And so like, you know, you have to pay dues and, and people actually come in and help us to make that like a legitimate thing. Those are like legitimate credentials that people can get and they can take those and transfer those into real like things you can put on your resume and stuff like that. And not, not to mention, just being able to have a more positive environment within the prison system.

It really helps with that, it really helps with being able to communicate your issues better. Being able to actually work on rehabilitation and not just punishment. So I really believe in the Toastmasters program, and you know, maybe you don't live in this area, you've never even heard of it, but you want to know more about it.

I would encourage you to go to the ninth wave toastmaster.com website and you can, you can learn more about it. That's the number nine T H wave Toastmasters dot com and you can see different ways in which you could contribute and be a part of it. And you know, basically contribute to the rehabilitation of people within prison to where the hope is when they get out and they transition out, they will have better set of skills to work with and be, you know, a more productive member of society.

That's the hope. So without further ado though, I would, I would like to get into this interview and let's see if we can get Seth on the line here. One more thing though, I want to give Seth a big congratulations as he's just announced that his girl is about to have a baby. I think that that's so cool and I'm sure that he's going to be a great father. I'm really happy for you, man. But right now let's get into this interview. I think we got them here, so thank you very much. Look forward to what's to come.

Taylor Conley: [00:10:59] Hey Seth, how you doing today, brother?

Seth Anthony: [00:11:00] I'm doing good brother. How are you doing?

Taylor Conley: [00:11:03] Ahh, I'm doing good, man. Glad to hear you again

Seth Anthony: [00:11:07] Yeah, man.

Taylor Conley: [00:11:08] Thanks for coming on the show, bro.

Seth Anthony: [00:11:10] Yeah, of course, brother, of course, man. I respect what you're doing, man. So 100%.

Taylor Conley: [00:11:15] man.

means a lot to me. It really does. I know you're a busy man, so I'm glad that we got you here. As a matter of fact, you know, earlier today, I was in there checking on Jpay man, where I get the music at, and I was searching through the top albums list and man, I seen your, I see your song on there, Rebel Road, bro. I couldn't believe it. I know it's like climbing on the charts, but uh, shit.

Seth Anthony: [00:11:42] Yeah, man, it's uh, it's, it's, you know, it feels really good man, because you know I, I, I put my heart into all my music man. And just, uh, that combi-, that gratification, man. It's just, it just, it feels like, I wrote that song about being in prison, you know what I mean? So I would..

Taylor Conley: [00:12:00] That's what grabbed me about it.

Seth Anthony: [00:12:02] Yeah, man. So it's like for people to just be so responsive with it, it means a lot, man. Cause that's just, I would just, I'm just real with my music, you know, I just, I sing or I rap or whatever, whatever I do, man, I do it from my heart. I do 100% of my heart, man. You know what? I've been through my life, man, and just for people, just for it to get that much attention, man, it just, it makes me feel good.

You know? It's like all the hard work I'm putting into this, you know it's paying off, you know?

Taylor Conley: [00:12:33] That's great man. You know, I can tell too, when I listened to it, it's like, I mean, I don't want to talk bad about other people, but I hear a lot of these country rap songs and they're trash, man, they like, they don't sound, there's not good production on them. You know, it just sounds like, like some dude talking over a beat.

Seth Anthony: [00:12:56] You can only uh, you can only rap so much about Yetis and big trucks and mud holes, man. You know what I mean? So I try to open my mind up, man, and just literally, when I started doing this music, I said, you know what? What would I, what would I listen to?

And I said, I would like to listen to somebody that's being real, that's been a prison. Sold drugs, hooked on drugs, just went through the ringer, man. And then, you know what I mean? And talks about it, not ashamed of it, not trying to hide it. Nothing, man. So that's what I was doing, man. And since I've been doing that, um, literally, I've been doing music for 22 months now, professionally, and I got millions of views. Um. Um, you know, I'm just, I'm, I'm all over. I'm about to go on tour. It's just, it changed my life, man. And it feels good because, you know, that's why I would never sign to a record label because I wanna, I want to sing and rap or make the kind of music that makes me happy, man. I don't want to sit there and make any kind of music for album sales or this or that.

You know what I mean? So to do what you want to do and have that passion just really feels good, really feels good.

Taylor Conley: [00:14:07] That's definitely an amazing thing to be able to have the freedom to just, however you see it, however you feel it, you put it down and it comes through, man. Cause that shit touched me right, right in the soul, man. I could feel it. And those are songs too that you can listen to time and time again and they don't get old. And that's the great thing about it.

Seth Anthony: [00:14:30] Yeah. I still listen to them all the time, man.

Taylor Conley: [00:14:35] How does it feel to listen to your music?

Seth Anthony: [00:14:38] Uh, you know, there's only one thing wrong with it man, uh, the only thing that bothers me is, uh, I'm still obsessive with my music man, and literally obsessed with it. My girl will, I'll be in the living room and my girl was like, Babe it's midnight, you gotta go to the studio tomorrow and I'm like, I'm just going to finish this part for this song. She'll go, wake up, it's four o'clock in the morning. I'm still sitting out there writing and then refining things. So when I hear my music, I love it, but I'm always like, damn, I should've did that right there. oh damn

Taylor Conley: [00:15:07] Ahhh, man

Seth Anthony: [00:15:09] you know what I mean? So I pick it apart...

Taylor Conley: [00:15:10] Oh I know what you mean

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean, man. Whenever I write music, I do the same thing, bro. I'd be, you know, once it's done and it's down and you're like, damn, I should've done this. I should've said it like that or something. You know what I mean? But that shows, cause that's what makes great music, man.

That really getting passionate about it and getting into it. You know what's funny is it not only was it on the Jay pay, but then I was telling Cecilia's assistant Sara about that, you know, she's kind of looking after some of our social media stuff. She's involved with that. And, and I was telling her, Hey uh, Seth's, Seth's Rebel Road song is on, on the top songs on JPay, she was like, wow cause I was just looking at Facebook and he's trending on there with the video for that. I was like, damn, he's blowing up right now.

Seth Anthony: [00:16:05] Yeah, man. Um, yeah, it's, it's doing really good man. Um, and I just released a new video on Rough Neck Remedy um, off my new album, I'm dropping 2020 Vision and, um, I mean, yes, it's, it, things are just coming together, man. It's just, kinda just like that old saying, real recognize real man. Like there's not one person on the streets or in prison that could say that I'm not real. You know what I mean? So it's just like, I just, I keep you a real man, you know what I mean?

I didn't live the best life. I didn't live the worst life. I was just real throughout my whole life, and went through a lot of fucking shit. You know what I mean? So I just put that into the music and people just relate to it then because you know everybody, this is my problem with the music industry, man, and this is my real problem, is people that start getting a little clout and they do music, they want to act like they're just like on this high pedestal, and I'm this, this person, or I'm this, nah man, just, you know what? Fuck that you're, you're a human being. You still go through shit. People want to relate to you, man. So be real. You know what I'm saying? Like I just can't stand that because that's how I'm a normal guy, man. I'm a normal dude, man, that just love to make fucking music and knows how to rap my ass off. And I learned it cause I did fucking years and years and years in prison, you know what I mean? You ain't got nothing else to do but write letters or writing music or workout or, you know what I mean? So now I'm just a different level than a lot of these dudes.

Taylor Conley: [00:17:32] Yeah, yeah, man. That don't get no realer than that right there, bro. And you said it best when you say that, you know, you're, you're just a person just like any other person. You're not better than nobody else for doing it. And it just shows that I reached out to you, man. And you responded, cause real recognize real man. You know? And I, I just want to tell you that. That's cool, bro. You're like a real down to earth dude.

Seth Anthony: [00:17:58] And I mean I gotta be, man, I gave up for these interviews left and right man. And the only reason I did this is because there are a lot of people are just trying to get clout or this guy's going up, are you doing all this? And he's willing to do an interview. I won't do a lot of them. The only interviews that you'll see on my, on my go on YouTube and pulled me up is about prison because I want to inform people, man. You know what I'm saying? Excuse me. And they really see who the fuck I am, man. You know what I mean? So when I reached out to you and I clicked on your podcast, I was like, all right, I see, your name you caught me. I'm looking at 'em. I'm like, okay, he's trying to do something. And then I seen, Oh shit, he's locked up. And when you talk to me about the podcast and you say, man, your music hits you. I said, man, I'd be a fake motherfucker, man, if I didn't fuck with this dude, because you know what? I was there so, I'm out here now. Hey. You know what I'm saying? Like that's just not, I'm just a real person and I ,I fully back everything you're doing, man.

You know what I mean? And I tip my hat to your brother because it's hard to get caught up and twisted up in some bullshit when you're behind the bars, man. I was there for a long time, So it's just, you know, I tip my hat to ya, I respect what you're doing, man.

Taylor Conley: [00:19:15] Man, I appreciate it, man. This, uh, this shit ain't easy bro, but you know what? This is the stuff right here, what we're doing, this is what keeps me going, man, cause I'm serving a life without sentence, you know? And uh, man, you got to have something to live for. You know what I mean? I'm still struggling and fighting for my life with my appeals and shit like that, you know, I didn't, I didn't get done fairly, man. But at the same time, I'm not complaining about it. I'm doing something about it and I'm doing something with my life despite the odds, despite the situation I'm in, I'm not going to make that something that I, you know, just dwell on it and sit here fucking depressed and everything, man. But you know, it, it's cool that you recognize that shit, man. And uh, anyway, bro. I really do appreciate that, man. And so anyways, uh, as, as I was talking to you as I found out a little bit more about what you got going on, I hear that you're going down to Nashville to shoot a video with Struggle Jennings.

Seth Anthony: [00:20:17] Yeah yeah man, um I got the new album coming out 2020 vision. Um, so me and Struggle Jennings, uh, you know what I mean? He's, he's well known. He did all the, uh, Waylon and Willies with Jelly Roll. Um, I, I do, my producer is good friends with him and producer. So I was like, Hey man, let's make the play, man. I'm trying to climb the ladder. Let's do it. So we did the song together. I went to a show and got on his tour bus and I'm like, yo bro, what's up? I was like, we need to do this video. He's like, all right, you got to come to Nashville though. So I booked the ticket for me and the the video guy, we're bringing all the gear and we're going to go knock this video out, man for the album and uh yeah, I'm gonna make a vlog and everything. Like I was telling the assistant or whoever it was I was talking to. Um, you guys are going to be sending me some gear, man. You guys send me that gear, man, and the vlog I'll make and and everything, I'll wear it and represent shout out to you man, Free Taylor. You know what I mean? So I'm all for it, you know, and looking out, man.

Taylor Conley: [00:21:16] Yeah, man, uh, that's ,that's cool, man. Yeah, we shot it to you, man. So I hope you get it before you leave and, uh, you're gonna represent it. It's the Free Taylor Project, man. It's actually an album that we made with, uh, you know, a dude, a good friend of mine, man. He's like my brother that he was in prison with me. We did, we did time together, and he's an amazing musician himself. He's, he's a really talented singer. So, you know, we did the Free Taylor Project and, uh, it's, it's got some really really hard hitting song. It's like a variety of songs, man, you're getting some rock, some country, and uh even a little bit of rap on there, bro. And you know what I mean? That's something that I really, I really get passionate about myself, man, is writing music.

Seth Anthony: [00:22:03] Is that song that you sent me, is that on that, that that album you're talking about?

Taylor Conley: [00:22:10] It's going to be on there. Yeah. The So Cold song and the Walk the Line song are the ones, we released those two singles that we're going to put on the album. And uh, yeah, man, it's, it's going to come out in January actually as well. Probably the end of January. We're gonna put it out and uh, you know what I mean? It's just supporting that supporting positive shit that we're doing and getting the message out there. You know what I mean? It's like, Hey, check it out. Check what this dude's doing and come support it, and it's good music, bro. Like this music came out, came out of the inside. You know what I mean? We recorded a demo inside when we still had a, uh, we still had a music room that has some recording equipment, you know, some old stuff you recorded on tape deck and it was just a guitar and a, and some singing man. And we ended up being able to take that project and bring it out to the streets when my friend, Caleb Twidwell, when he got out, we got in contact years later and ended up making it come to life, man. And now we're now, we're going to really make it happen so. I'm hoping that

Seth Anthony: [00:23:18] Hey your boy Caleb though, I checked out the, I'm really feeling the So Cold. Um, song. He's got a good voice, man. When I was listening to, I was like, man, if you could just throw like a rap verse into that, So Cold song, it would be, it eb be really dope man. Cause he's just, he's killing it on that song,

Taylor Conley: [00:23:35] Dude, that would be, that would be a good idea, man. Maybe we can talk about the remix sometime.

Seth Anthony: [00:23:41] Yeah, yeah man.

Taylor Conley: [00:23:43] That would be cool. But well, what we did talk about was, uh, we talked about doing this Renegade song. So I threw it out there man that I wrote this song that I think would be right in their wheelhouse and, uh, sent you over the song. You know, it reminded me of something that would fit perfectly with, with you, man. Like, it resonated with you being able to do the song, man. And I reached out to you and you said that you were interested in bro. So. What, tell me about when you think about the song, man?

Seth Anthony: [00:24:14] I really feel, uh, like I said, when I, um, when I read people's, when some people send me music, I read the lyrics and I, and when I read the lyrics, like I instantly knew they were real because I've been in the same places that you're at. You know what I'm saying? So I was, I felt it 100% man. And I really, uh, I, I'm really down to, to, you know, I'm really busy and I'll finish this out. I got a project coming, I'm about to go on tour, but I'll definitely squeeze in sometime, man and find some time, man. And we'll knock the track out man and representing that.

Taylor Conley: [00:24:50] That's what's up man, cause you know, I couldn't do this song with anybody that hadn't done time and you know what I mean?

Seth Anthony: [00:24:56] Of course not, of course not.

Taylor Conley: [00:24:57] ... And then so we're going to get Caleb, we're going to get Caleb to do, he's going to sing the, he's going to sing the hook and you're going, you're going to rap on it.

Seth Anthony: [00:25:09] Yeah, I'm down brother, definitely down.

Taylor Conley: [00:25:11] Al- Alright bro

Alright, man. That's, that's going to be a hit, man. I, I know that with, with what you got to put into it and, and that producer that's gonna be producing it. It's going to be a hit man. And the beats, the beats that give me too man, and what with what we get put on it, that's, that's going to be a hit song right bro.

Seth Anthony: [00:25:33] Definitely man, I'm definitely down, brother. It's a good song.

Taylor Conley: [00:25:37] So, so the one other thing I wanted to ask you about, man, cause I think from what I understand, you're an independent artist, right?

Seth Anthony: [00:25:47] Hundred percent bro, hundred percent

Taylor Conley: [00:25:50] So are you trying to get a deal or are you trying to stay independent?

Seth Anthony: [00:25:55] No, I'll never, I'll never sign the deal, man. I already had a couple people, a couple, record labels already come to me, and a middle man tried to come to me and everything. And you know, uh, the last deal was good. You know what I mean? I'm not saying that's not, it's a, it's a good deal, but this is why I will never sign a deal, because right now, if I want to talk about prison or if I wanna talk about my woman, or if I wanna talk about my mom and dad dying whenever I want, however I want to sing it, rap it however I want to do it. I can do it because there's no one telling me, Oh, you get album sales as this, and this is what it's uhh generating right now.... and analytics show... Fuck that, man. I, you know what I'm saying? I just watched a video right before I got on this uh podcast with you, and a dude said, you know that the minute you start making music for album sales, it's fake. You know what I mean? You, you make the music man, because it's from your heart. And that's what people relate to it. So, and I already know the game with them record labels, man. All everybody should be trying to, man, you just gotta go get it. You gotta gotta get it, man. It ain't, it's not handed to you. It's not handed to you. You gotta grind, man. You've got to grind you gotta network, you gotta put the content on, you gotta put real lyrics, and you have talent and build a team behind you, man. That's what it's all about, man. You know what I mean? I was in prison so long, and that's why I'm ahead of the game behind these dudes, because I have street knowledge and music knowledge combined, man. So it's like, you know, I'm just, I'm killing it, man, because I have the drive, way harder. I, I've been in situations that I've never been in where my mind thinks a lot different than those dude, man. You know what I mean? So I'll never sign a deal, man, ever.

Taylor Conley: [00:27:43] Okay. Okay, well, say it then, man. Said that with some passion, bro. I uhh

Seth Anthony: [00:27:49] Yeah. I'm passionate about this music

Taylor Conley: [00:27:51] I hear you. I'm a, I'm a strong believer in that, man. You know, I, I really like it. I like where you're coming from. I like, I like the way you think and uh, there's definitely something about having..

Seth Anthony: [00:28:04] Look at it like this

Taylor Conley: [00:28:05] Yeah

Seth Anthony: [00:28:05] This is how I look at it, this is how I look at it, man. If I'm working at construction, I still work. I still work every day. That's how much I want it and get it. I wake up at four o'clock in the morning every morning, go to work, do commercial concrete, bust my ass climbing walls doing this crazy ass work. Come home, write music and record my songs and do videos on the weekends. Now let me tell you something. I'll never change that, that fire I have in me, I'll never, I'll never change that man. So a record label ... What is that going to do? You're going to give me some money and then you're going to own me. You see what I'm saying, man. But they did the fire in me, man. It would be taken away because it's like someone dictating your future. When I walked out of those prison gates, I made a promise to myself that no man will ever disrespect me or tell me what to do ever again. I'm free. You know what I mean? So. That's why it's just, I can't do that. You know what I mean? That's just something with me. I can't do, you know what I mean? So I'm just really passionate about it because I'm passionate about it, man. You know what I mean? It's just, if I was to be up, man, my producer's like Seth, calm down. I'm like, dude, you don't understand man. I'm honest music, man. You know what I mean? Like you don't get it. You know what I mean? Like this is not just like, people just don't get that I'm ahead of the game because of the shit I went through. You know what I mean?

Taylor Conley: [00:29:23] Absolutely. Man. Absolutely. And that's the drive that other people that have been in your situation could look to in and hear this. If there's anybody listening that you know is an aspiring, uh, artist of any type or know, I heard this story of yours, you know, and they can be inspired by it themselves to, to understand, you know, that you can take. What you've been through and turn that into art

Seth Anthony: [00:29:50] you always can,

Taylor Conley: [00:29:51] whether it's music..

Seth Anthony: [00:29:51] You always can, man

Taylor Conley: [00:29:53] whatever kind of art it is man...

Seth Anthony: [00:29:55] Because you know what, man, let me tell you. No, you're going to wh... I'm going to tell you something right now. Whoever's listening, well, anyone that's been incarcerated already will resonate with this man, and I'm gonna tell you what, just say you're in the, in the world. I'm in the world right now. People wake up on the wrong side of the bed. You see what I'm saying? People want, it's just human nature. You wake up in a bad mood and on the wrong side of the bed, but guess what, man? When you wake up in the bad mood on the wrong side in prison, it's not a fucking good day, man. You know what I'm saying? You got motherfuckers telling you when to eat when they sleep, count this blah, blah lock down on this. Um, the phone cut off or you can't get it. You know what I'm saying? Like, it's just, there's so much more shit. That weighs up on you when you're having a fucking bad day, that if you can get through that, you can get through anything, man. So that's why I said I'm ahead of the game man, and you know what I'm saying like that people just don't understand what it's like, man, to sit there and worry about your loved ones and nobody gives a fuck about you or this motherfucker, showing you all this pressure on the compound, man, I got to walk. You know what I'm saying? So if you, unless you live that, you know what I'm saying? People will never understand, and that's where the fire comes from, man. You know what I mean? Because it's like. I've been there, man. So it's like nothing can stop what I'm doing. You know what I mean? It's like this is what I'm fucking doing, and people are going to have to relate to it because it's real, they have no choice too. You know what I mean?

Taylor Conley: [00:31:21] Whoo, that's some heat right there, man. That's some heat, straight up.

Seth Anthony: [00:31:27] Yeah brother

Taylor Conley: [00:31:27] I might have to put that on the, on the backside of the album, bro.

Seth Anthony: [00:31:34] Yeah. Put it on there, brother

Taylor Conley: [00:31:37] Yeah, man.

Seth Anthony: [00:31:37] Put that on there man

Taylor Conley: [00:31:40] Cause that, I mean people need to hear that message right there, man. You know, it don't get no realer than that, bro.

Seth Anthony: [00:31:46] It's just real, I'm just being real.

Taylor Conley: [00:31:51] So I know that you're busy, bro. I know you got places to go and things to do, man, you're grinding, man. But I just got one last question for you if I could.

Seth Anthony: [00:32:00] Yeah what's up brother?

Taylor Conley: [00:32:02] So, man, you know, I'm serving a life without the possibility of parole sentence in here. And, uh, you know, I just, I would appreciate getting your take on what you think about life sentences?

Seth Anthony: [00:32:15] Well, a person that was incarcerated for many, many, many, many years and been locked up since I was 14 years old and on and off then. My personal opinion and I really don't answer questions like this, like just like I don't answer questions about politics cause it's just a huge debate man. But my, I'm going to answer it because I respect what you're doing. I don't agree with it, man. I don't feel like the system is so fucked up man, where they don't give a fuck what your situation was or if you see them, they don't care about the situation or anything. The circumstances of the situation. They just look at them points and you, and you've got a shitty public defender is working in cahoots with the fucking state attorney and you know what? They're, you know it. Do they look at that money, they'll get that money and they'll fucking ruin somebody's life, man. About a fucking, you know what I'm saying? No matter how severe it is, man, I don't think you should take somebody's fucking life away. forever because of one incident. Yeah. You know, sometimes people make mistakes and you need to get punished for that. I needed to go to prison for the fucked up shit I did, but guess what? I did my time and got out and look what I'm doing now. Look what I'm doing now, you know what I'm saying? So for you to give a person life behind something for one incident, I think is ridiculous. Ridiculous.

Taylor Conley: [00:33:36] That's a mic dropper right there, bro. You know, I, I appreciate you, uh, coming on here, man, and, and being so passionate and really speaking your mind and speaking your heart. It uh..

Seth Anthony: [00:33:49] Of course brother

Taylor Conley: [00:33:50] It means a lot to me Seth

Seth Anthony: [00:33:51] Of course I respect what you're doing, man, I respe-, I really respect what you're doing. I'm not just telling you that I'm one hundred percent with you, man. cause you know, a couple of times since I got out, I could be sitting right there next to you, bro. You don't understand that. You know, you get out of prison, your mind is fucked up, man. You know what I'm saying? It took ...I'm still dealing with society, man. And I wig out sometimes, man. You know what I'm saying? Because that shit just fucks you up when you get out. You know what I mean? So. I'm all for what you're doing, man, and you're fucking being you're being positive, bro. And, you know, positive people make it in this world, no matter what circumstance their in, they make it, you know what I mean? So that's just something you gotta - I just respect what you're doing, man. You know what I mean?

Taylor Conley: [00:34:29] Likewise, man, I really respect what you're doing, man. I'm a big fan and I can't wait to hear the album, bro. And I like to do a follow up with you later on. You know, maybe after, after the album drops or maybe, uh, you know, at some point.

Do a follow up and see how you're doing. And, and definitely after we do this Renegade song, bro, maybe we can do it at that time, but uh, but yah look forward to it man, and uh, good luck next week down doing that, that video shoot bro. And, and just, just keep doing, doing the hard work, bro. Keep uh grinding out there man. Cause you're getting it.

Seth Anthony: [00:35:06] Yeah thanks brother, keep your head up in there man.

Taylor Conley: [00:35:10] All right brother.

Seth Anthony: [00:35:12] Alright man good talking to you brother

Taylor Conley: [00:35:13] You have a good one man. Absolutely.

Seth Anthony: [00:35:15] you too brother, alright peace

Taylor Conley: [00:35:17] Alright, peace man. If you want to find out more about Seth, you can find him @sethanthonycm that's C M as in country music on Instagram. Follow him. Check out what he's got going on. Get his new album when it comes out. I know it's going to be dope.

This dude's really doing it. And I just got to say, I really support this guy and what he's doing, and I hope that we can continue to move forward and feed off of each other in the positive direction that these things are going in. And I, I encourage, and I'm a big fan, so I just, I really thank and appreciate Seth for coming on the show and telling his story and I look forward to it being able to write this article about him and have that come out and have him be on the cover of our next issue of Inside Designed Conviction, the Magazine. So at this time, this is the segment in the show where we like to do a question and answer, and if you got any questions and you're listening to this and you want to know the answer to it, go ahead and hit us up at @alifeofalifer on Instagram or the Designed Conviction page lifeofalifer.com you can find us on all of these different pages and I want you to know that I will answer your question, whether it gets answered on the show or not, it will get answered. So thank you very much for your support.

And today we got a question from somebody and, and it's a question that I feel like a lot of people might have. So it'll be interesting to figure it out now how I answer it to the best that I can to the best of my ability. So what is it like to deal with the day to day of life in prison and do all the things you're doing?

I mean, it's kind of a general question, but at the same time something that, as I think about it for a second, I think like prison is such a complex environment. There's so many different variables, you know, uh, things can change within a second and we could all be, you know, have the life. There's so many changes that have happened since I've been in prison along the way that reshape basically the environment that you're in.

Prison's like a microcosm of society in and of itself in which you're under a microscope. Everything you do is monitored and there are rules for everything. It's difficult to navigate these rules, which are set by the state, but then within that is a whole another set of rules and conduct. So you really have to walk a fine line.

I mean, and it depends on what you're doing too. There's so many variables at play. Like I said. So if you're not vigilant in everything that you do, one wrong step could have your whole world flipped upside down and everything changed. Everything that you thought that you had is gone. So it's, it's really comes into balance, especially if you're trying to do something with yourself outside of the normal day to day life of prison.

It's, it's a balance of being aware of your surroundings. And what I do? I stay busy with my time, I grind it out. I'm involved in a number of positive programs that I try to stay involved in that as much as I can because it, it keeps my mind busy. It keeps me active in working towards becoming a better person.

And the biggest thing for me is, is if I can inspire somebody else to do something different with their lives so they don't keep coming back here to visit me. Doing life and fricking prison. It's, it's something that I'm very passionate about because I love to hear these success stories of people that get out and they do something different.

Man, I hate it when I see these people keep coming back in and like a revolving door and it saddens me. Really. It really saddens me. It hurts me. I don't even like to, I don't even like to think about it because it's happened so often. I've seen people come back five, six times since I've been in prison these last 14 years and I just, I truly, truly want to stop seeing that happen. Cause there's so much more to life and you can use these, these tools that you can create within yourself by doing this time to really have a success. And that's why I Seth Anthony's story is so powerful is because he used what he went through to make himself a success, and he's just seeing more and more success with it. So it inspires me to do even better and to go even further because I know that other people can do that as well. And I want to inspire that in them. So thank you very much for tuning in. I just want to give a big thank you to everybody who makes this possible, and I really, really want to say that I appreciate all the listeners.

Anybody listening who has a question, like I said, hit us up and we will get back to you. Alright? Have a nice day.

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